o sole mio

Landisdad is away for the weekend, and the kids and I are planning some fun stuff together. While I’m generally out of town at least once a month for my job, LD rarely travels alone. He’s off to celebrate the 40th birthday of his oldest friend, and I’m hoping that he has the great time that he deserves.

Last year, when he was working on Sundays, I had lots of day trips with the kids, and I kind of miss the mommy-kid only time.  It’s draining, being the only parent ‘on,’ but I also feel like our interactions are fundamentally different (and by different I mean easier) when they are alone with me, rather than with both of us.

In some ways, it’s not so much them that’s different as it is me. When I know that no one else is going to get up and get the Potato his breakfast at an ludicrously early hour, I just get up and do it–I don’t lie in bed thinking, “why doesn’t he get up?” While it’s true that the Bee, generally, is more helpful when there’s only one grown-up around, it’s also true that I’m more focused on my kids when I’m the only grown-up around.

That being said, it’s time to get off the computer, and help the Potato vacuum under his bed. Why does he have to do that at 8 in the morning? The world may never know.


June 23, 2007. family life.


  1. Suzanne replied:

    Sometimes it is so much easier to be alone with the kids — I don’t have to worry about so many different family dynamics at once.

    Now the Potato is making me feel like I should be cleaning something instead of floating about the blogosphere!

  2. chichimama replied:

    I’m impressed that the Potato WANTS to vacuum. Perhaps he could give my kids lessons…enjoy your weekend! And I hope Landisdad does as well!

  3. CamiKaos replied:

    I am different when Mr. Kaos is gone too.

  4. Anjali replied:

    First — yea for the Potato and vaccumming!
    Second — I’m sure someday, I’ll feel the same way — missing alone time with the kids… But for now I just can’t wait to get to the together-with-spouse time!

  5. Mere replied:

    I completely know what you mean. I feel more efficient when I’m by myself. But I have to admit that because I’m the parent that’s “on” most of the time, I tend to require Jess be “on” when she’s around. LOL!

  6. Jennifer replied:

    Last Thursday one of my friends dropped her son with us for awhile, and one thing the kids did together was — get this — clean the guinea pig cage. (With help from me.) And then they vacuumed the mess they’d made!

    All hail pre-schoolers!

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