privacy matters

The transition stuff at my job is shaking out, and I’ve blogged about it in the previous post. If you’re a regular reader, and want to read about it, email me or leave a comment here and I’ll send you the password.


June 30, 2007. work.


  1. Suzanne replied:

    Okay, you’ve got me hooked….

  2. CamiKaos replied:

    Ummm.. I need me some password action… I can’t stand not knowing something I can’t know!

  3. Kimberly replied:

    Of course I want to know what’s going on with you! Send me the password or do some gchat, lady!

  4. Carrie replied:

    Me! Me!

  5. alala replied:

    yes, please.

  6. Susan replied:

    Count me in, please. Thanks!

  7. Andy replied:

    Ok, I’m totally curious 🙂

  8. Elizabeth replied:

    I’m interested. Than ks.

  9. guerson replied:

    hi landismom – I’m curious too!

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