new addition

We got a new kitten today–she’s quite adorable. Since the passing of our beloved Panda, landisdad and I have been thinking about it, but we wanted to wait until after our vacation.

I’ll try to post some pictures tomorrow, but for now, we’re trying to figure out what to name her. Anyone know the name of a female pirate?


August 4, 2007. family life.


  1. Kimberly replied:

    Anne Bonney was the Pirate Queen of the Caribbean. Her accomplice was Mary Reade. Dido, founder of Carthage, was considered a pirate. And I once read a great children’s novel about girl pirates called Pegeen.

  2. CamiKaos replied:

    This site has a little list of them…

  3. elise replied:

    Quick, run out and get another kitten, two are better than one!

  4. landismom replied:

    Oh my gosh, they had three sisters–landisdad and I wanted to take them all! But we already have two cats, and it just seemed, I don’t know, excessive to have five!

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