So, first, let me say thanks to Kimberly and CamiKaos for their responses to yesterday’s post–we’ve decided to name our kitten Grace O’Malley. Landisdad thought she looked like a pirate, because she has one black eyepatch.

This is going to be a post full of randomness. There’s not going to be a connection between these things, so don’t be looking for one.

I got tagged by Ashley before I went on vacation, and I’m embarrassed that I haven’t acknowledged it yet. It’s ironic that I got tagged as a schmoozy blogger (I think it’s a compliment), right before I went offline for 10 days, but hey. Anyway, I’m supposed to tag five more folks, so here goes: you, you, you, you, and oh yeah, you.

Bitch PhD is asking folks to post pictures of what their living spaces look like before they clean them up for company. Here’s mine. That’s my desk, in what was once our dining room, and is now my office. Although after the arrival of today’s Ikea catalog in the Sunday paper, I may be moving my office to the basement, and buying some modernist storage. Then it will all be orderly. (Yeah, keep telling yourself that, LM.)

Also in photoblogging news, two of my favorite bookblogs, Doppelganger and Kimbooktu, posted recently about collecting pictures of people’s home libraries. This is a picture of my favorite bookshelf, it’s hinged in the middle to fit in a corner. When it’s empty, you can fold the whole thing in half.

Finally, Elizabeth posted a link to this site that rates your neighborhood’s walkability. I’m happy to say that ours scored 82 (out of a possible 100). However, as I pointed out on Elizabeth’s blog, one of the reasons that our neighborhood scored so high is that they’re listing the free movies in the part that our town shows during the summer as a movie theater, which is not exactly accurate. And certainly not first-run.

What are you doing online these days?


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