punished for being fat?

Check out this article.

If the company that you worked for announced a similar policy, what would you do?

August 7, 2007. work.


  1. fidget replied:

    I think this brings up a full range of questions from HIPPA to the Americans with Disabilities act. I know in the past despite all my best efforts I gained and gained weight. It took 2 years for a doctor to finally figure out that my adrenal gland was burnt out. Stress burns out your adrenal gland and knowing that they were going to take my hard earned money would stress me out, thus making me sicker, thus making me FATTER! Should I be penilized for having a medical issue that despite my best efforts through diet and exercise (6 days a week 2 hours a day), I was wholly unable to control.

    I think that this type of plan will crash and burn in a big way. fat acceptance companies will sweep the nation and the erm.. biggest and best talent will flock to them to feel that they are not under the scope for anything other then their work.

  2. alala replied:

    Outrageous. The BMI is grossly inaccurate as a measure of individual fitness, and was never intended to be used as such: it was developed as a way to describe physiological differences between different populations – it’s a statistical measure, because different ethnic groups will show different levels in average bone and muscle mass, height, adiposity, etc. Since it makes no distinction between fat-weight and muscle-weight, you’ll find that most people who exercise a lot (like professional athletes) have a BMI that places them in the overweight or even obese category. It makes no allowance for bone density, a genetic characteristic, nor for the fact that people lose muscle and bone mass as a natural part of aging, and it also disadvantages tall people and doesn’t account for gender differences. In short, this is institutionalized bigotry based on a lie, and I hope they get sued down to their skivvies for it.

  3. Carrie replied:

    As a fat woman, I feel sick reading that. Just sick! Who on earth could ever come up with a more stressful, less helpful way to “help” employees. I guess they are hoping all the fatties will quit and become someone else’s problem? I would def. look into sueing and would be on the hunt for a new job. This can’t be legal, can it? Can they really force employees to take invasive blood tests? Can they force them onto the scales? It sounds utterly insane.

  4. thordora replied:

    When my employer starts making the effort to not have me sitting down for 8-10 hours a day, doesn’t usually require me to work through my lunch and weekend, offers an onsite cheap gym or exercise program and crams something other than 1000 calories “donuts” in the vending machines, we can talk.

    Asinine otherwise.

    I know the branch of my company in the states can legally ask for random blood tests. I can’t imagine possibly being fired for something you do on the weekend, less alone what you eat.

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