Sweet Potato Boy

Dear Mr. Potato,

Well, it’s official. You’re four. Happy birthday, little man!

A few mornings ago, you told me that you wanted to have Mr. Bear live in my office, because “I’m a little too big for Mr. Bear. I’m almost four.”

That night, you came downstairs after you had been put to bed to rescue him from having to spend the night alone in the dining room/mommy’s office.

This story illustrates perfectly for me the stage you’re in right now, and what we’ll be going through for the next year or so. You’re so desperate to be a bigger kid, to do all the things your sister and her friends can do, and at the same time, you still want to be little, still want to climb in bed with me and cuddle every morning, baby-talking. You want the whole enchilada of independence and dependence mixed together, wrapped in a nice flour embrace, smothered with some gooey new abilities.

You’re interested in a bunch of typical boy things like dinosaurs and construction vehicles. You have a new-found love of knights in armor, after our French trip. But you’re a very nurturing kid, too. Your favorite thing to say about our kitten is, “she’s so cuuuuute!” When your best friend showed up for your birthday party today, you were so excited you didn’t know what to do–you hugged him, you ran around like a monkey, you put a turtle shell on your back, and a starfish on his head, and then the two of you sat under the cake table, giggling.

You are my favorite boy in the whole world.

Love, Mommy


August 11, 2007. growing up. 16 comments.