So, my first PTA meeting as president is over. Did you know that the PTA president has to host the first meeting at her house? Before school even starts? Huh. Good thing it rained all week, so landisdad and I had lots of time to clean.

I’ve made two major changes to the PTA agenda for this year.

1) Fundraising can only occupy half of every meeting, not 98% (100%, if you include the treasurer’s report).

2) New topic: outreach to other parents (as opposed to just sitting around and complaining about how no one else does anything except us).

I got the group to agree to each personally meet one new parent on the first day of school, and one new parent on back-to-school night. It wasn’t that hard–I was actually pretty amazed at how receptive people were to the idea.

Baby steps, people.

Next month–an email group!


August 23, 2007. the joys of PTA. 11 comments.