road trip

I’m taking my kids on a solo road trip this weekend, to visit their grandfather and step-grandmother in Massachusetts. Landisdad didn’t have a ton of vacation this year given his job changing–our French vacation pretty much wiped it out. The Bee’s last day of camp was today, and rather than facing a week of going to the pool every day, I decided that I preferred the 3:2 adult-to-kid ratio.

Unfortunately, I drove about 800 miles for my job this week, so I’m not looking forward to the many hours I will spend in my car with the children tomorrow. It’s hard to feel bad about it, though, since their grandfather is so obviously thrilled that we’re coming up–he’s called every night this week to discuss sleeping arrangements, food preferences, and the like. He even asked me what DVDs he should get from Netflix.

So it’ll probably be some light blogging for the next week. There is teh internets there, but I don’t know if they are wireless, and I’m generally hesitant about blogging on other people’s computers. Especially people I might be blogging about.

Have a great week, everybody!


August 24, 2007. family life. 6 comments.