vacation vignettes


  1. The Bee is a fearless, rock-climbing girl! Guess it’s time to find a local climbery (or whatever they call those rock-climbing places).
  2. Took the kids to a lake to go swimming with my FIL. While we were there, a 12 year-old girl came over and started talking to the Bee in a sort-of “I’m bored, will you be my friend for the day” kind of way. She saw me with the Potato, and asked, “are these your kids?” When I said yes, she told me, “You’re lucky to have one of each. You know, girls really go through some stuff.” Great. Thanks.
  3. How is it that a four-year-old boy can be the smallest person in the house, yet is still capable of making the most noise while on the stairs?
  4. I’m pretty sure that not only am I turning into my mother, but I’m also turning the Bee into my mother. There’s nothing like a little solo vacation to show what kind of future parent your older child may someday become.
  5. I went for a walk one night through the college town that my FIL lives in, and saw a sign that said, “welcome class of 2011!” After I swallowed my tongue, I figured out that the Bee (who will, god willing, be a college freshman in 10 years) will be in the class of 2021. Yes, 2021. No really, 2021. And the Potato? Class of what, 2025? How old will that make me? Will I officially qualify for the geezer discount at the college ice cream shop after I drop them off?
  6. I was chatting with my step-mother-in-law (isn’t family complicated?) about my new book-trading addiction (and the financial reasons behind it), and she gave me about 40 new books. I sobbed with joy. I might be back to blog-reading before the end of the year.
  7. If you’re not sleeping in your own bed, there’s nothing like having your sopping wet son climb into bed with you at five-thirty in the morning to remind you of the pleasures of home.
  8. The Eric Carle Museum rocks. Looooovvve the art studio. Plus, a library of 3,000 picture books? Sign me up!
  9. Home? Is nice.

August 29, 2007. family life. 6 comments.