So one of the things in life that’s been consuming my attention lately is that we decided to have the Bee speak to the school’s counselor about her continued self-torment when she makes a mistake. I personally didn’t come to this decision easily–it was hard to admit that my baby needed help–but harder to admit that she wasn’t getting it from us.

She was initially quite resistant to the idea, but after suffering through two very trying temper tantrums (when she forgot to bring home various elements of her homework), I talked to the principal and we got it underway.

She had her first counseling session this week, on Wednesday, which was the day I finally came home. I asked her about it that night, and it seems to have gone fairly well–the counselor had her draw a picture, and then talk about what was going on with the girl in the picture. They’ll work together for a month, and then we’ll get to have an evaluatory meeting.

I’m hopeful that the counselor will be able to help reinforce some of the things that landisdad and I have been trying to do at home to keep the Bee from obsessing over her mistakes. It’s hard to get out of the habits that we’ve formed over time, though. I realized the other night that one of the things that I do when talking about schoolwork is focus on how to help the Bee solve her problems, instead of minimizing the problems and praising her for the many things she does well. I’m trying to be more conscious of that–because while I want the Bee to know that I’m here for her if she needs help with a problem, I don’t want her to think that the only thing I’m interested in talking about is what she’s doing wrong.

This parenting thing is tough.

September 21, 2007. growing up, thoughtful parenting. 7 comments.