a post in which I get to use the word “stumblebum”

I feel like it’s been all-Bumblebee all the time around here lately, so I thought I’d put up some Potato-related content.

About a month ago, I succumbed to my fear that we would be shopping for college-sized-boy night-time pull ups, and insisted that the Potato start wearing underwear at night. After a couple of mornings where he woke up soaking wet, we came to the realization that the Potato (for all his thrashing around and sleeping with his head at the foot of the bed) is a very sound sleeper. Not only will he not wake up to pee, he doesn’t wake up when he wets the bed.

(This is in direct contrast to his sister, who woke me up from a deep sleep countless times to tell me that she’d wet the bed, and to demand that I change the sheets. I eventually started just making her sleep on the floor in her sleeping bag after such an incident, because that’s how great a mother I am. Hey, mommy needs sleep!)

We decided that we needed to wake him up every night when we’re going to bed so that he could pee in the middle of the night.

Consequently, I now know what my son will look like when he’s drunk at 21. He weaves around like a stumblebum–I think he’s essentially peeing in his sleep. We have to make sure to aim him in the right direction, because he never wants to open his eyes. After he’s done, he stumbles back into his room and falls onto the bed, back into dreamland.

I was telling this story today to one of my co-workers who is starting to potty-train her two-year-old (yes, I not only embarrass my children on the internets, but in real life, with people who actually know them), and she told me a story about her husband waking up in the middle of the night and starting to pee in their closet. Landisdad has a similar story about a college roommate.

So it got me to wondering, how many men have a mistaking-the-closet-for-a-toilet anecdote? And do any of the women out there have a confession they’d like to make?


September 25, 2007. family life. 5 comments.