Happy Birthday, Bee!


Dear Bee,

8 years ago yesterday, landisdad and I were in the hospital, wondering what we had just gotten ourselves into.  Little did we suspect, way back in September of 1999, that we would one day be hosting a luau birthday party, complete with a limbo stick.

You are more amazing at eight than I ever believed possible. I can start to see the teenager, and young adult that you are becoming, and I like her.

Every morning, I wake up wondering what we’ll talk about on the way to school, and what funny stories of third grade you’ll come home with.

Have a wonderful year, darling girl.

Love, Mommy


October 1, 2007. growing up, the cutest kids ever!.


  1. Kimberly replied:

    Happy Birthday Bee!

    I’m so glad you like her, landismom. That is really just the most awesome feeling. To know that you’d like them, even if they weren’t yours. And then gloating that they are!

  2. CamiKaos replied:

    oh happy birthday.

    How wonderful!

  3. jo(e) replied:

    I hope she had a happy birthday!

  4. chichimama replied:

    Happy birthday Bee!!!!!! Wow, she is so big!!!

  5. thordora replied:

    Happy Day! 8 Rocks!

  6. Suzanne replied:

    Eight years old! Wow! Happy Birthday, Bee!

  7. MetroDad replied:

    Happy birthday to the Bee! Woo hoo! She really is a big girl now.

  8. Procrastamom replied:

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday Bee!!!

  9. Susan replied:

    Happy birthday, Bee!! May you always have people around you who want to hear those wonderful stories.

  10. Jeff replied:

    Happy B-Day Bee!

  11. brettdl replied:

    Happy birthday. (My mom and wife think birthdays should be about the mom, not the kid.)

  12. Anjali replied:

    Sigh. They grow up SO fast!

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