overturn the veto

As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, President Bush vetoed the expansion of the state children’s health insurance program yesterday. The crawl I saw about it on CNN last night said something along the lines of “Bush vetoed SCHIP because it would lead to universal coverage, which he opposes.”

Is that really a Republican talking point right now? That every child in this country doesn’t deserve health care?


Well, if like me, you believe that every child DOES deserve health care, go visit the fine folks at Families USA, and send your congresspeople and senators a letter demanding that they overturn the president’s veto.

Maybe our next president can be for health care reform.


October 4, 2007. politically motivated.


  1. Kimberly replied:

    I am so sorry. I’m sitting up here in Canada, looking at my daughter who likely would have died had we been Americans, and am thinking of some other poor (in every sense of the word) mother whose child likely will, simply because a very rich man with an unhealthy obsession doesn’t believe that his or her life is really all that valuable.

  2. Suzanne replied:

    My representative voted against the legislation. He got an earful from me yesterday.

  3. CamiKaos replied:

    thanks for the link

  4. guerson replied:

    “Bush vetoed SCHIP because it would lead to universal coverage, which he opposes.”

    How can anyone oppose universal health care and get away with it??? Some people make me speechless…

  5. Anjali replied:

    Once again, Bush does something that shows he is just so out of touch with the American people.

  6. Jim replied:

    The irony is, universal health care won’t be an issue in 10 years: it will be a reality. Our country can no longer afford to fall behind every industrialized nation simply because of an infantile fear of the word “socialism”.

    One of the results of the short-lived UAW strike at GM was getting GM behind the union’s support for universal health care. More and more companies are becoming aware that, in order to remain competitive in a global market, the burden of health care costs has to be shifted away from companies (and workers) and made a universal right for every US citizen.

    I can’t wait for 2009 when the bulk of the neanderthals slink back into their caves to invent another bogey man.

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