on the lighter side

So I realize I’ve been blogging about some heavy topics lately–here’s on one the lighter side.

What good movies have you seen lately? And by good, I mean fun.

I looked at my Netflix queue the other night and I thought, “who are you?” It’s like 147 items of doom and gloom, or at least violence. (Or, to be fair, a kid video. As if there can ever be enough viewings of Spongebob Squarepants.)

What I’ve got at home right now is Matewan (union organizing drive goes badly, violence ensues). I’ve had it here for at least three days, and I haven’t watched it, because I’m not that ready to be depressed. Other exciting movies on my list? Next up, Yojimbo (masterless samurai in feudal Japan), Frida (talented woman fights her husband and a life of agony), Broken Flowers (allegedly a comedy, but hey, I’ve seen a Jim Jarmusch film or two in my life) and Maria Full of Grace (girl smuggles drugs to America to find a better life).

I just put Knocked Up on my list, because I do love some Judd Apatow. But I’m coming to you, oh friends-of-an-online-nature, to seek spiritual guidance. Or at least comedic guidance. What’s your favorite comic movie?


October 7, 2007. random other things. 11 comments.