overheard in the car

SP: “Are girlfriends gross?”

Mommy: “No.”  (beat) “Why do you ask?”

SP: “We were talking about it in school.”

BB: “That’s what little kids think.”

Mommy: “???”

Mommy: “What do kids your age think?”

BB: “Some girls in my class say having a boyfriend is gross. But then they love someone.”

Mommy: “?!?”

Mommy: “You mean they like a boy in your class?”

BB: “Yes, redacted list of girls in her class and the boys they like.

Mommy: “Do you like any boys?”

BB: “I’m not sure.”

Mommy: “!?!”

Mommy: “Do you feel like you’re supposed to like a boy?”

BB: “No!!!!!”

Mommy: “Good.”


October 23, 2007. growing up, the cutest kids ever!. 10 comments.