overheard in the car

SP: “Are girlfriends gross?”

Mommy: “No.”  (beat) “Why do you ask?”

SP: “We were talking about it in school.”

BB: “That’s what little kids think.”

Mommy: “???”

Mommy: “What do kids your age think?”

BB: “Some girls in my class say having a boyfriend is gross. But then they love someone.”

Mommy: “?!?”

Mommy: “You mean they like a boy in your class?”

BB: “Yes, redacted list of girls in her class and the boys they like.

Mommy: “Do you like any boys?”

BB: “I’m not sure.”

Mommy: “!?!”

Mommy: “Do you feel like you’re supposed to like a boy?”

BB: “No!!!!!”

Mommy: “Good.”


October 23, 2007. growing up, the cutest kids ever!.


  1. chichimama replied:

    Wow. They grow up so fast! I would have freaked.

  2. Kimberly replied:

    Did you ask her if she liked any girls?

    Seriously. I’m part playing here, but part serious. When Diva Girl plays the “I have a crush; guess who it is game, I always throw in a few girl names. Just to normalize it.

  3. CamiKaos replied:


  4. Elizabeth replied:

    I like that, Kimberly.

    Last week, D (who is 6) told me that he got into trouble for kissing some kids. Then he got this devilish smile and said “I was kissing *boys*.” I told him that I didn’t care if he kissed boys or girls, but that he shouldn’t kiss anyone who didn’t want to be kissed.

  5. Andy replied:

    Phew is right!

    I’m not sure I’m ready for boy talk, or any of the stuff that comes along with friends and classmates, and oh, the drama we had in those days. I know how fast these years are going go by and how soon I’ll be there. It actually keeps me up some nights.

  6. Suzanne replied:

    I’m not sure when I’ll be ready for that conversation!

  7. Your Secret Pal replied:


    Hahahahaha! Good answer.

  8. alala replied:

    ack! drat! Sorry, I am supposed to comment anonymously on my Secret Pal’s blog so she doesn’t know it’s me, but that comment up there? That was me.

  9. Library Lady replied:

    JR(8) had a steady beau back in preschool, I’m sad to say. And I opened up a notebook of hers recently and found it was a diary she’d kept briefly in second grade. In it she wrote that she loved Jared and was going to marry him when they grew up.

    My reaction? Feh! He’s the son of the PTA supermommy I ranted about recently.
    But fortunately, she’s moved on since then to several other boys, including on of the “Naked Brothers Band” boys on Nickelodeon. I prefer TV crushes–they’re safer!

    Meanwhile her older sister (12) is ticked because the other girls keep asking her if she is going out with a certain boy who she is friends with. (He may like her more than that, but I don’t know for sure). Her comment to me about the other girls? “Don’t they know that middle school relationships only last for a few seconds?”

    I don’t worry about her. On the other hand, I am looking into that convent (the one that tolerates half-Jewish, raised secular girls) with the alligator moat for her little sister. I think I’m going to be needing it!

  10. year four? really? « Bumblebee Sweet Potato replied:

    […] using social networking sites using my real name, and having some concerns about that. I got a sneak peek of what my life will be like when the Bee hits puberty. And a hint that we might have done […]

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