not posting every day in November

Jeez, I’ve been trying to catch up on my blog-reading, and it’s quite a lot of backlog! Seems like everyone and her mother is participating in NaBloPoMo.

I have to say, despite my love of the blog, I will never participate in this bloggy goodness. My work life is generally crazy in the fall, and given that there are elections every single year means that I’m never going to be able to seriously commit to blogging daily in November.

On a completely unrelated note, I’ve been thinking about making some Christmas presents this year, particularly for the kids. I haven’t got a great idea about what to make, though. I’ve been thinking of doing some baking for various extended family members, but I haven’t come up with any plan for what to make for the kids.

I can’t knit or crochet. I’m a decent hand-sewer, but I don’t have a machine. I’m thinking about some kind of sewing project, but I haven’t really been inspired to create anything yet. Maybe I need to go to the fabric store and just wander around aimlessly.


November 4, 2007. meta.


  1. Jody replied:

    After my SIL’s quilt gift arrived in August, I had a sewing urge, and so I have to tell you, DO NOT GOOGLE. You will drown in potential projects.

  2. CamiKaos replied:

    I’m not doing to blog everyday one but I was stupid enough to sign on to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. Duh Cami.

    K only has 15 days of school this month. How am I supposed to write a 50,000 word novel in November? No idea.

  3. Andy replied:

    Going to the fabric store always inspires me.

  4. Procrastamom replied:

    I managed two whole days of NaBloPoMo and completely forgot about Saturday and Sunday until this morning. Doh! I failed. Now I guess I will quietly (or loudly, depending how I feel) blend in with the cool people who decided they wouldn’t do it. I’ll be a cool person wannabe and pretend that I intended it that way all along.

  5. Anjali replied:

    Too bad your falls are so busy! Otherwise you probably would have been one of my favorite NABloPo bloggers!

  6. thordora replied:

    I can never stop blabbering anyway, so doing a post a day really isn’t an issue for me. 🙂

    have you thought about putting baking mixes in jars as gifts? You can’t really mess it up, and it’s cheap enough.

  7. chichimama replied:

    Do the kids have favorite clothes they have outgrown that you still have in the house? You could make stuffed animals or some sort of wall hanging out of them…

  8. Library Lady replied:

    I AM doing it because I am so busy I NEED the therapy of blogging daily!

    Besides– I’ve got lots of backlogged rants and here’s my chance to get them all out of my system at once 🙂

  9. fidget replied:

    i’m not getting sucked into that daily blogging thing either. Can not maintain moment for something like that

  10. Tammy replied:

    Sewing-wise, I’m in the same boat as you, but I’m inspired to make Sam a pillow similar to these ones. Sewing doesn’t get much easier than this, and I like that the crude embroidery — which is about all I’m capable of — is part of its charm? I’m going to the fabric store in a couple of weeks to see if they have any nice felted wool to get me excited about the project.

  11. alala replied:

    Yeah, November is really the wrong time to do this. Still, I found myself Not Blogging, with a backlog of rants (like Library Lady) and unanswered questions from the comments, and so for me this is a kind of defrag. But it’s a lot even for a SAHM in the run-up to Christmas: add elections in, and I can totally see your point.

  12. Jennifer replied:

    I’m making a calendar for my parents. It’s half pictures of my kids and 1/2 drawings that they have made. You send the photos (or scans) to Kodak and they print them up for you… I can’t think of anyone but my parents who would like that, though.

    My MIL has a SIL who gives her cookies every year. I always wish someone would give me cookies, esp. the kinds that can be frozen. So — maybe someone you know feels the same way I do!

    As for the kids: The best gift my kids got last year was supplies. My son called it ‘science stuff.” Paper clips, pieces of wood, pipe cleaners, stickers, colored paper, pens of all kids, tape, etc etc. They’re still devising projects from that collection of stuff!

  13. alala replied:

    Oh – one idea, though it may not be what you had in mind: my husband has made a mixed music CD for Firstborn every year since he turned 8.

    Oo – which just made me think of something else. What about a cookbook for each of them, with only his/her favorite recipes? You can add to it over time, use it to dragoon them into helping you/Landisdad make dinner every so often, and they can take it away to college with them.

  14. MommyWithAttitude replied:

    It requires a tremendous amount of effort on my part to make sure I blog every WEEK — I don’t see myself doing it every day!

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