Bee, budding Libertarian*

Bee: “This is all your fault! If you didn’t pay taxes, then there wouldn’t be any teachers, and then I wouldn’t have cursive homework!”

*alternate title: “Why We’re Moving to Canada, #65”


December 9, 2007. family life.


  1. Kimberly replied:

    Clearly the Bee has a skewed view of Canada. We pay more taxes and have fewer civil liberties (well technically, anyway). And we like it like that!

    (We also have cursive homework. Sorry, Bee!)

  2. Anjali replied:

    Wow, I didn’t even realize schools were still teaching cursive. Maybe I should nominate the Bee for president.

  3. landismom replied:

    Kimberly, sorry I wasn’t clear–what I meant was, we’re moving to Canada where (at least in my imagination) fewer people complain about paying taxes!

  4. Kimberly replied:

    heh. well, yes. we do tend to just suck it up and pay the taxes 🙂 That’s what socialism is all about–two legs vs four rarely comes into it 😉

    We still teach cursive. They don’t all learn it, but we still teach it.

    Did you know that in Europe, they teach cursive *before* printing? Something about the fine motor flow of letters being easier to manage than the stop/start of printing.

  5. guerson replied:

    that’s the same in Brazil – we learn cursive first. Actually, printing is sort of discouraged at school. You do eventually learn it, but only much later.

    my mom was quite strict about having proper cursive handwriting. If she deemed that our handwriting wasn’t good enough, she would buy extra cursive workbooks and have us do cursive homework through the summer. Luckily, mine was pretty good but my brothers suffered 😉

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