and the puking continues…

Yes, we’re on Day 5 of the stomach flu here in Landistown. The last time I remember this happening, the Potato was about 15 months old, and the Bee was in kindergarten. It was just after the ’04 election, and I was temporarily unemployed. I broke down crying in the doctor’s office after the Bee threw up in the car on the way there, and then threw up again in the waiting room.

I’m afraid that’s going to happen again today (well, not the me breaking down part–but the vomiting in the waiting room part).

The Bee woke up Monday morning feeling ill, and since I was already staying home with the Potato, I let her stay home too. She didn’t start throwing up until after landisdad got home that night (or maybe I’m misremembering that–the days are starting to run together). But she was unwell. The Potato, on the other hand, after spending the weekend huddled on the couch in a whimpering mass of boy was back to (at least close to), his normal energy level.

It’s always fun to have one sick kid and one who’s bouncing off the walls.

The Potato went back to day care yesterday, and I stayed home in the morning with the Bee. Landisdad worked from home in the afternoon, and I went to work for a few hours. Fortunately, I had the presence of mind to bring home a bunch of data entry, on the chance that I’d have to work from home again today.

When I went to pick up the Potato at daycare on my way home, he had vomited again.

We’re headed to the doctor’s today–wish me luck.

On a totally unrelated note (and one that I’ll explain in my next post)–how old do you expect to be when you are no longer interested in voting for president?


January 9, 2008. family life.


  1. thordora replied:

    Dude, if I had to sit through the tons of electioneering your guys did, I’d be uninterested at 10.

    Good luck with the pukes. Blech.

  2. Sandra replied:

    That’s way too long to be dealing with puke. I hope it’s over soon.

  3. Andy replied:

    Oh no, that sounds awful. The worse part about puking to me in the constant “when is it going to happen next” feeling I have. Well, and the cleaning it up.

    I hope everyone feels better.

    And to answer your question, I hope that never happens.

  4. Susan replied:

    On your question, never too old. I love elections.

    On the puking: may it stop soon!!

  5. jackieregales replied:

    I’m another optimist who hopes to never grow too old for elections!

    Hope the plague n your house lifts and dissipates soon.

  6. alala replied:

    Oh, yeah, we’ve been there too. It sucks dukey. Good luck.

    Re the other, never. There will always be issues that concern me, so there will always be a reason to vote. Besides, I believe that if you don’t participate, you can’t complain, and I will NEVER give up my right to complain. ;-]

  7. chichimama replied:

    Oh, hope the vomiting stops soon. That’s the worst.

    I can’t imagine never being interested in voting…

  8. Jessica replied:

    Stomach flu is the WORST. Here’s hoping all is well soon….

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