the performer’s work ethic

The Bee has been cast in the chorus of her first community theater production. Our town has a children’s theater program for kids from grades 3 to 6, so this is the first year she’s been eligible to do it. Her teacher is one of the directors, and she and her best friend the Peony auditioned together a few weeks ago.

I was a little worried about her being disappointed if she didn’t get a speaking part–especially after she was in the holiday play at school, and kept wishing one of the other kids would get sick, so she could do their part too. We had several conversations about how it was unusual for third graders to get lines, and she’s been totally fine with it.

I picked her up after rehearsal today, and she told me, “I’m glad I didn’t get a part this year and I’m just in the chorus.”

“How come sweetie?”

“Because this way, I get to just learn how to be in a play, without having to remember all those lines and stuff.  And next year, maybe I’ll get a little part, and then when I’m in fifth grade, I can get a bigger part, and then in sixth grade, I can get a really big part. But I’ll have earned it.”

This is her first major extra-curricular activity–she hasn’t yet played a sport or anything–so I was happy to know that she understood the value of just working and practicing, and not being a star right away.


January 19, 2008. growing up.


  1. CamiKaos replied:

    that is actually a very profound thing for her to pick up on. Good for her!!!! Good for you.

  2. chichimama replied:

    A very wise young lady. Hope she enjoys the experience!

  3. alala replied:

    Aw. Isn’t it great when they pick up on something you thought it was going to take you 18 years to teach them? Good job, mama.

  4. Jody replied:

    So, wow, because your third-grader is more mature than I am, I think.

    I hope she has a great experience!

  5. Narya replied:

    That’s quite impressive–I’m especially taken by the reflective nature of her comment!

  6. Jeff replied:

    How charming. She is like a wise-old sage…that is amazing. I love stories of good parenting and good kids on display!

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