I saw this meme over at Penguin Unearthed, and it looked kind of fun. Write about the first ten blogs you clicked on in Google Reader. Well, I use bloglines, but I guess it still applies. Here goes:

  1. Wonkette is liveblogging the primary results from Super Twosday. Sadly, Ron Paul was not defeated in two primaries tonight.
  2. Alisa Valdes Rodriguez, on her blog Multiplicative Identity, is blogging about a new documentary that looks at Castro’s many escapes from death.
  3. Diana at Diaphanous writes about a jailbreak in her town, and listening to the police scanner to find out what’s going on with the re-capture of the prisoner.
  4. Mocha Mama writes about two high school teachers that made a difference in her life.
  5. Becca from Not Quite Sure writes about her real flaw–the one she’ll never confess in a job interview.
  6. Metrodad writes about taking his daughter skiing for the first time–warning: this post includes pictures of The Peanut that may cause your computer to spontaneously combust, due to the cuteness!
  7. Procrastamom writes about her habit of crying when she sees an ambulance with sirens on–even if she doesn’t know the person in it.
  8. PunditMom writes about today’s virtual march to protest the Bush Administration’s plan to cut funding for after-school programs.
  9. Anjali can’t wait to have the baby (and haven’t we all been there!).
  10. And CamiKaos reacts to seeing The Bridge to Terabithia for the first time.

Well, that’s it for tonight folks. Thanks to everyone who sent lice-killing vibes. I don’t want to jinx us, but I’m feeling cautiously optimistic about that whole project.


March 4, 2008. memes.


  1. Anjali replied:

    Oh, I’m flattered.

    Except your description of my post should have more accurately read, “Anjali looks like hell during the last weeks of pregnancy.”

  2. thordora replied:

    oh I’m totally doing this one. I feel bad that there’s barely any of the people I read in my blogroll…they’re all in my reader….

  3. Mocha replied:

    Aww. This was nice. I liked this. Thank you!

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