it’s not exactly a meme…not exactly…

My favorite dad-blogger, MetroDad, wrote a post last week that I really enjoyed which consisted of questions to other parents. I liked it so much, I’m ripping it off.

Why does my daughter insist on wearing her batting helmet onto the field when she’s playing softball? Is this a sign that she’s destined to be one of the uncool kids?

If a four-year-old boy and a gnat are in the same room, which one will get distracted first? What if there are legos in the room? How does the equation change if there are dinosaurs? Train sets?

Is it wrong for me to refuse to let my children watch the movie Alvin & The Chipmunks in a movie theater, and instead Netflix it so that I don’t have to be in the same room with that singing?

Is it a sign that I’m getting old that I can no longer listen to my beloved hip hop, because I can’t listen to one more song that references a stripper pole? Didn’t there used to be lots of popular music that didn’t talk about strippers?

When I’ve repeatedly warned a certain child that she’s going to be late to her softball game if she doesn’t put her cleats on right now, why is it my fault when she actually is late?

Which of the following scenarios is likely to happen soonest: 1) the parents who decide that it’s okay for them to block the entrance to the daycare with their cars will have a change of heart or 2) the Potato will enter kindergarten and stop going to daycare?

At what age will I stop carrying crayons with me everywhere that I go?

When I finally do break down and get a cell phone for my kid (which is still years in the future), what will she set her sights on next, a fake ID?

Is the rate at which a child outgrows a pair of pants directly related to the amount of money that one spent on those pants?

If you only have one pen in your purse, and that pen is hot pink and has a Polly Pocket doll on the end, is it acceptable to use that pen in a meeting? with your boss?

At what age can I expect that my child will use the bathroom when he needs to, instead of insisting that he doesn’t need to pee while hopping up and down in a frantic manner?

If a child’s friend, when entering one’s house for the first time, exclaims, “this is the messiest house I’ve ever been in!,” is it socially acceptable to send her home with a dust-bunny in her pocket?

Answers in the comments—or questions of your own—are welcome!


May 1, 2008. memes, random other things.


  1. Jennifer replied:

    Yes on the dust bunnies! That one cracked me up. Once a child entered my house and asked, Where’s the play room? He was in the living room at the time and I said, You’re in it, kid. I still haven’t come up with a good comeback for that one. Small houses are cool! Go tell your parents!

  2. alala replied:

    When your kids get to be my kids’ age, the question that comes up most is “what’s that smell?”

    Is that just because I have boys?

  3. MetroDad replied:

    Hahaha….Glad to know the questions keep coming as the kids get older. Thanks for the advance tips, LM. It feels like I’m looking into a crystal ball.

  4. jo(e) replied:

    These were hilarious.

  5. PunditMom replied:

    Too many philosophical questions! My head is spinning!

  6. Ashley replied:

    Does the question with the dust bunnies equate to the second visit when the boy says “Man, the house looks different when it’s clean!”

  7. Anjali replied:

    Netflixing Alvin & The Chipmunks was definitely the right thing to do! (Plus, a helluva lot cheaper!)

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