he’s got the wiggles

Does anyone else have an almost-five-year-old boy who just can’t sit still?

I’m starting to really worry about how the Potato is going to do when he starts kindergarten in less than a month (ulp!). He is just not a kid who can sit still for any length of time. It’s not that he can’t concentrate on things–if you give him a pile of legos, he sits there (with his tongue sticking out–a sign that he’s focused) until he’s built a huge stack of whatever it is he’s dreamt up to build that day.

What he can’t do, however, is sit still while he’s doing it.

Or while he’s watching tv.

Or while he’s eating a meal.

Or while he’s listening to a story, or playing a game, or having a conversation, or even sleeping.

The kid is just a wiggler. A fidgeter. A squirmer.

He twitches, he jiggles, he’s basically a big bundle of energy that needs to keep moving.

The only thing that gives me hope that he’ll be okay in kindergarten, is that I know that the kindergarten teacher has three sons. Surely one of them was a wiggler too?

Also? the Potato will not have the same kindergarten teacher that the Bee did. I don’t think there’s anyone left reading this blog who read it back when the Bee was in kindergarten (with the possible exception of MetroDad–can’t remember–can you, MD?). Here’s a refresher, if you want to catch up.


August 9, 2008. growing up.


  1. penguinunearthed replied:

    Hungry Boy is quite similar – when we are doing his reading home work he is generally climbing all over the couch at the same time. He’s been at kindergarten all this calendar year, and still doing fine, so maybe his teacher is just used to that!

  2. Anjali replied:

    I have an almost 7-year old daughter who I’ve never seen sit down through a whole meal (except when she was an infant in a high chair.) She doesn’t sit down to do anything, and if she does, she’s hopping up every 10 seconds.

  3. jo(e) replied:

    That behavior actually sounds pretty typical for a five-year-old.

    Whatever they pay kindergarten teachers, it’s not enough.

  4. landismom replied:

    jo(e)–truer words were never written!

  5. Library Lady replied:

    This is what almost 5 year old boys do–and some girls too!
    He’ll be fine.

    That is unless his teacher is really out there in outer space–and with 3 boys of her own, I doubt it 😀

    My mom taught kindergarten for many years and if they’d paid her for what she was worth, the schools would have gone bankrupt. And that’s not even counting the overtime she put in at home getting things done for school!

  6. Jennifer (ponderosa) replied:

    One of my neighbors — with kids ages 13, 10 and 9 — said she wished teachers would just give each kid a basketball to bounce while sitting in a chair — just SOME way to get the energy out!

    I volunteered once a week at my kid’s kindergarten. There were 2 kids in that class who could absolutely not sit still for more than 5 minutes. The teacher informally set aside a whole table for each of them; during circle time(s) if they were wiggling too much she’d just quietly tell them to go sit at the table, where they could wriggle in their chairs w/o disturbing the other kids.

    One of those kids couldn’t stop moving and it seemed like he wouldn’t focus & wasn’t listening, and then allofasudden he’d do whatever project I’d assigned him in about 5 seconds flat, exactly as I had requested & quite well! Unbelievable. He was reading & writing (to a limited extent) by the end of kindergarten.

  7. Velma replied:

    I’ve got a wiggler, too. Well, more of a hand-flapping giggly bouncer, but there is wiggling going on in between all that. It has been a major focus of his IEPs since preschool to teach him to at least keep his butt in his chair when he gets excited, and I’m pleased to say that he is probably now no more wiggly than any other happy energetic 5 year old… which sounds like your boy, too!

  8. MetroDad replied:

    Holy cow! It’s been 3 years already! Where does the time go? I could have sworn it was just yesterday that we were commiserating about Mrs. X.

    FYI…I’m 39 and I’m a fidgety wiggler too. Better than I was when I was in kindergarten but, these days, the only thing that keeps me still is a good book or a few glasses of wine.

  9. guerson replied:

    My brother was like that and my husband is still like that, even at almost 60 years old. Don’t worry, he’ll be fine!

  10. elise replied:

    I had to check but I was reading your blog back then but maybe I was just a lurker and was not making comments. Thomas was (and still is at 15) a bit of a wiggler but he’s always had a great attention span. He still tends to run where ever he goes even if its just acrossed the room. If your boy turns out to be as good a student as Thomas be happy for that little wiggle! All my kids were “standers” – they would never actually sit in their seats, just stand by them. Fortunately, all the teachers just let them.

    I bet they’ll keep him busy enough that he won’t be wiggling as much…..then he’ll come home and wiggle EXTRA!

    Sorry I haven’t been commenting much. I try to keep up with reading your blog but I have still not been feeling well.

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