Bye, cable and daycare!

The Bee cried tonight when we turned off the TV, knowing that this is our last day of having cable. I cried a little too, especially after we tried to turn the TV back on after the kids were in bed, only to discover, in some kind of cruel cosmic joke, that our TV now only receives Telemundo with any clarity.

I cried earlier tonight, when I was paying the bills, and wrote the very last daycare check I will ever have to write. Those were tears of relief, though. Hello, extra $9K per year! (Well, except that we do have to pay for aftercare. And summer camp. But even then, we’re still saving a hell of a lot of money.)

It’s hard to fathom that, after this Friday, we will never again drive up the road to the daycare where we’ve been dropping off both or one of the kids every single work day for seven years. At this point, I don’t think there’s a single institution that I’ve had that long a relationship with in my entire life, unless you count the public school system that I grew up attending.

This summer has felt like one long transition to me, and it’s hard to believe that a major part of that transition is coming to an end this week. I took the kids shopping for new school supplies yesterday, and the Potato promptly came home and filled his backpack with new notebooks and boxes of tissues, and then put it on and walked around the house triumphantly.

The Bee, of course, was too cool for that (although she did effect the same transfer of supplies to her new bookbag). But isn’t that the best part of being a big sister? Getting to be cooler than your little brother?


August 24, 2008. growing up, thoughtful parenting.


  1. camiKaos replied:

    I hope you learn to love

  2. Andy replied:

    Having two young children in full time care I can tell you that I dream of this day.

  3. Susan replied:

    That’s a lot of transitioning in the summer–hope the fall brings some new routines and good things with it.

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