Top Ten Things About This School Year

10. Two kids. One school. No more mad dashes for landisdad on the nights I work late.

9. After-school care costs 1/4 of what daycare costs. Maybe less.

8. The Potato is veeeerrrrrryyyyy tired when he gets home from kindergarten. A little whiny, but mostly just tired.

7. Today, the Bee said, “I can’t wait to start having homework!”*

6. This year, I managed to get PTA volunteers to do all the work for the first day of school, and all I had to do was pick up the muffins.

5. Did I mention? only one drop-off? only one pick-up?

4. And the money savings, did you get that?

3. So far, the beginning of fourth grade does not seem to be as challenging as the beginning of third grade. (Amusingly, the Bee denied yesterday that she had ever told me that she was worried about not getting promoted to fourth grade if she couldn’t learn cursive. But she did.)

2. The shoes! I think that both of my children grew a size and a half over the summer, but I didn’t notice, because they were wearing sandals the whole time.

1. My kids are growing up and becoming fine children.

*”so I can get stickers by helping the Potato with his”–the sticker-based incentive system being alive and well in our house.


September 4, 2008. family life, the joys of PTA.

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