a warning to you, gentle reader

For all my readers (I think there are still 2 or 3 of you left!), I post this warning:

From this point until Election Day, expect to find political content on this blog. Sure, there will still be a cute-kid post or two, but from here on out, if you’re not comfortable reading about the presidential election (and my support of a certain {cough}Barack{cough} candidate in that race, it might be time for you to unsubscribe.

If, on the other hand, you want to see a boatload of leftist politics? Come on down.

You may now continue with your regular blog reading.


September 9, 2008. politically motivated.


  1. Procrastamom replied:

    I keep reading here BECAUSE you are on the left. A blogger whose feed I have subscribed to for months started lamenting the other day on how fabulous an addition Palin was to the Republican ticket (because she is a woman! Wow, great argument) and I actually wanted to remove her from my RSS feed. How shallow am I?

    (I didn’t and I won’t. But there was a fleeting viseral need to press that delete button)

    I’m only sorry that I can’t vote for Barack, because I totally would if I were an American…but I’m not so my lot in life dictates that I must decide between Conservatives and Liberals and the NDP (Oh and the Green Party of course) a few weeks before you guys go to the polls.

  2. Carrie replied:

    I also keep reading b/c you are on the left and you know a lot more about it than I do. I like being educated by real people that I can trust.

  3. Library Lady replied:

    Well, golly gee, you’d NEVER find posts like that on my blog. I mean, those posts I’ve been writing about Sarah Palin and the one I’m planning relating to Bob Herbert’s NY Times column about liberal PRIDE are just mere optical illusions.

  4. Anjali replied:

    Yea! I’m all ears.

  5. alala replied:

    Oh, good! Opinions I share, clearly articulated in a way that I can’t! I’m looking forward to it!

  6. Jody replied:

    Fire away!

    (I just can’t bear to post on this myself. Really? Now “lipstick on a pig” automatically means Palin?! ARRRRRRGH.)

  7. camikaos replied:

    I’m still here, and will be.

  8. guerson replied:

    Can’t wait for the posts on the elections!! Like 2/3 of canadians, I’d definitely be supporting the democrats if I could… But I’m on the same boat as Procrastamom above…

  9. De replied:

    Heh. I picked the perfect time to come back.

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