remember to breathe

I got a massage today, and it was good.

Last spring, when landisdad asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I told him that the best thing he could give me was a deep-tissue massage. Instead, he got me 6. Love that man.

Last week, I was on the road for five days, and came back to the crazy, whiny kids that only a cloudy, not very pleasant fall Sunday can produce. Last month, for the first time ever, I exceeded my office’s mileage reimbursement cap. In addition to that, I’ve got people calling me at literally all hours of the day and night to solve problems, some of which are actual problems, some of which are completely annoying and wastes of my time. All that driving, and whining, and annoying have added up to a masterpiece of back tension.

Tonight, after an hour on the massage table and a glass of red wine, I’m feeling pretty good though.

Breathe in. Breathe out. I just might get through this.


September 24, 2008. work.

One Comment

  1. jo(e) replied:

    Oh, a massage sounds really good right now ….

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