with the election

now less than a week away (can I get an amen!), I hope you didn’t think you were going to get anything other than a bunch of election-related links to video.

First up, stars of my favorite show were knocking on doors for Barack–how cool is that? We’ve had some stars come to our little swing state, too, but no one as cool as Sonia Sohn, I’m sorry to say. This is teh awesome-ist.

If only they had managed to get the guy who played Clay Davis! On second thought, maybe that wouldn’t have been such a good idea…

Next up–I know this one has been around for a week or two, but it’s still worth viewing–Conservatives for Change!

Then, of course, there’s this gem–the election PSA based on a beer commercial. What could be better?

And finally, what might just be my favorite YouTube of all time. Insanely catchy TI hook plus sooooo incredibly determined 7th graders. Plus? It’s non-partisan. Which makes up for the poor video quality. This is the bomb, IMHO.


October 28, 2008. '08 election.

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