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The Potato is home sick from school today. He spent yesterday in a listless haze, rising occasionally to puke. He voluntarily went to bed at 7:30 p.m., and then slept straight thru until 9 this morning, waking to puke again only when I got him up to pee before I went to bed.

Landisdad had taken the Bee to school, and I was sitting at the dining room table, emailing my boss to let him know that I wouldn’t be working today, when I heard a plaintive “hello?” from the top of the stairs. I think he was afraid that we had all just taken off for our days and left him here. It was quite pathetic.

Since then, we’ve been playing rounds and rounds of Racko, while he sucks on Pedialyte popsicles and chomps on dry toast (so far today, no heaving, I’m happy to report). Racko is a game that we encountered at my mom’s house last month, though I definitely do not remember playing it as a child. It’s recommended for kids 8 and up, but the Potato really enjoys it. My kids liked it so much that my mom ended up buying us our own copy, so they could take it home with them.

rackoThe basics are this: each player has a card rack that holds 10 cards. You’re each dealt out ten cards, and you have to put them in the rack in the order in which they are dealt. The goal is to be the first player to rearrange their cards so that they are in numerical order–but you can only move one card per turn. There are some special cards in this version (like “take an extra turn”) that didn’t exist in my mom’s, much older version. It seems to be one of the few board games that my kids can play together without the 4-year age difference creating an insurmountable gap.

It’s hard for the Potato, but not impossible. He doesn’t win very often, but he gets close enough that he doesn’t find it incredibly frustrating. It’s easy enough for the Bee to beat him, without it being too easy for her. I don’t find it that easy to find games that the two of them can play together without him having to have an adult on his ‘team.’


December 15, 2008. the pop culture.


  1. Elizabeth replied:

    Games that we play around our house that seem to work well with mixed ages:

    Spy Alley
    Munchkin Fu
    Go Away Monster
    Flotte Flosse

  2. Anjali replied:

    Twister is a classic here.

  3. Comfort Addict replied:

    I hope that the Potato gets better soon.

  4. Jody replied:

    I remember playing Racko! We got three new card games for the kids for Christmas (from my mom) plus Santa brought me Sorry Sliders, which came recommended via Wil Wheaton’s site. I was just thinking that we have a LOT of games that need to come out of the cupboard.

    Not having to worry about age differences is one of the bonuses of multiple-birth kids, I guess. Another trade-off for the first 18 months….

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