a Norman Rockwell moment

In the kids’ elementary school, there is a holiday concert every year where the 4th & 5th grades perform, both instrumentally and vocally. It’s a big rite of passage for the kids, to finally be in the holiday concert.

We went last night, and as we sat there, listening to the squeaking clarinets, and the Alvin-and-the-Chipmunks imitations, I thought, “there are people all over the United States right now, having this same experience. We’re part of this great circle of parents, listening to their kids sing awkwardly.”

There’s a lot of parenting that’s hokey. We do these pedestrian things that parents have done for decades, or milennia.

And that’s what makes it beautiful.


December 18, 2008. family life.


  1. MetroDad replied:

    It’s always moments like that which remind me how, in every corner of the universe, we’re all so much more alike than we are different. I wish we could remember that more.

  2. jackie replied:

    Ours is next Thursday morning, but the whole elementary school gets to participate– last year the kindergarten sang “The Dreidel Song,” this year it’s “Rudolf.” I fully expect to tear up, along with all the other parents.

  3. She Started It replied:

    Listening to kids belt out out-of-tune holiday cheer? PRICELESS.

  4. Jennifer (ponderosa) replied:


  5. Amy replied:

    Oh, yes.

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