ending our cable-less life

We’re restoring our cable, effective in January. Actually, we signed up for FIOS, since the three-service deal was only $10 bucks a month more than what we’re paying for phone and internet–adding cable for ten bucks a month made it affordable.

Last summer, when we canceled cable, CamiKaos gave me the great suggestion that I should check out hulu.com. I’ve been grateful for that, especially since they have the rights to the Daily Show and the Colbert Report–two shows I couldn’t have survived without doing our recent election.

But now, it’s gotten even better. Now, they have the rights to Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids.

Landisdad and I watched the first episode tonight, while I was wrapping presents. Another treasured memory from my childhood ruined…


December 22, 2008. family life. 4 comments.