Welcome to 2009!

Can school start again soon? Pretty please? With sugar on top?

We’ve had a good holiday, with almost 2 full weeks of vacation. We’ve been playing games, baking cookies, trimming the tree, watching videos, playing Wii, roller skating, getting hair cuts, building ridiculously complicated Lego Star Wars flying things, cooking holiday meals, ice skating, movie-watching, sleep-overing, visiting & being visited by extended family, moderating sibling (& cousin) wars, smiling when the siblings get along, tormenting the cats by being home waaaaaay too much during the day.

I’m ready to go back to work now. I’m even more ready for the kids to go back to school, and to not be in my hair 24/7. I’m ready to have an adult conversation, and not be constantly discussing what to eat at the next meal. (Do anyone else’s children do this? obsess constantly about where their next meal is coming from? I mean, honestly, you’d sometimes think that the Bee had grown up in Darfur, instead of in a world where food is readily available whenever she’s hungry.)

One. More. Day.


January 4, 2009. family life.


  1. chichimama replied:

    I am with you 100%. May the next 18 hours fly…

  2. kate replied:

    School here let out on Dec. 19th and they’re not going back until January 8th. Let’s just say I know where you’re coming from…

  3. alala replied:

    Oh, amen. It really is in my kids’ best interest to get back to school as soon as possible. They may even see it that way by now – I was reeeeeeally grumpy today, and they seemed kind of… wary.

  4. penguinunearthed replied:

    I didn’t realise you had such a long holiday this time of year – but think of us… our kids go back on January 28th (unless the threatened teachers strike makes it February 2).

  5. PunditMom replied:

    I made it! School started! YAY! 😉

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