back to the poop

Didya ever see that old SNL skit “Super Colon Blow?” A classic, to be sure.

Sadly, the real-life equivalent of Super Colon Blow has become a staple in our household, after our visit to the pediatric gastroenterologist. We’ve also said goodbye to white flour in its many, delicious forms. But that’s not all!

We had to give the poor kid two enemas. And while the first one was really unpleasant, the second one was almost unbearable. Can’t remember when I’ve had more fun! Especially the part when I had to hold him down as he screamed, “You’re torturing me!”

It’s times like these that I’m happy that I decided, years ago, to keep my blog anonymous. Because I can’t imagine much that would be worse for the Potato’s high school dating years than having this story associated with his real name.


January 27, 2009. parenting ain't easy.


  1. chichimama replied:

    Ulgh. Did the doctor have any ideas on what was causing it (besides white flour?). Big, big virtual hugs to everyone.

  2. Library Lady replied:

    We’ve never had to do an enema, but there have been some other nasty things along the way. They never tell you this stuff about parenthood, do they?

    And you’ll remember this a lot more than the poor little Potato will. Sigh…

    Hope for better news soon.

  3. Susan replied:

    Oh, poor kid, and poor you. Here’s hoping the treatments and diet changes do the trick–do they think it will have a pretty immediate effect, or is the diet change a big experiment?

  4. landismom replied:

    My favorite part of the doctor’s appointment was when she said, “you’ll probably never know what caused this,” which of course I heard as, “you could do all this work for 6-9 months, and then it could just happen again.

    The white flour is really just about fiber, I think–not allergies or anything. The whole program has had a pretty immediate impact–he’s had only 2 accidents in the last 2 weeks, as opposed to multiple ones in a day, which was happening the week before we started this program.

    We basically have to retrain his brain to listen to his bowels (oh, the romance of it all!), as well as moving to a more fibrous diet (I wasn’t kidding about the Super Colon Blow cereal!).

  5. elise replied:

    You have my sympathy….I can remember one time when Erin had a huge sliver on the bottom of her foot that I felt needed to come out. I strapped her into her car seat so she couldn’t escape. I had to stop when she screamed “NO STOP, STOP, HELP ME, HELP ME, CALL THE POLICE!!!!” That was before I even touched her. I was afraid that someone WOULD call the police!

  6. Jody replied:

    My brother had similar issues — the feedback loop with the colon can just be brutal. And it was years of extra fiber in his peanut butter for my mom, who couldn’t bear the thought of being caught back in that cycle again.

    I hope you all recover as quickly as possible.

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