the year in review

It’s my blogiversary today! Yes, it’s been four years of Bumblebee Sweet Potato. I have to admit, this is the year that I came close to quitting blogging, and as I’ve gone back over the posts from this year, it shows. Nevertheless, I’m still here, and here, without further review, are my favorite posts from each month of the last year:


It was around February of last year that I settled on a presidential candidate. After flirting (not literally!) with John Edwards (whew! dodged a bullet there), I decided to vote for Obama in my super-Tuesday primary. The first of many Obama-related links on my blog was this. Still good.

We also had some bullying in the neighborhood, and the Bee wrote her brother a very sweet Valentine’s Day note.


In March, we had a lice outbreak, which happily did not require a massive haircut for the Bee. The Bee also had her first experience with standardized testing. And then I wrote about my habit of sneaking into the Bee’s room to cover her hands with lotion (note to self, need to do it again tonight!). Finally, I reviewed the Iraq War, which was celebrating its fifth anniversary.


I posted about my oh-so-pomo experience of finding out that my brother was married from Facebook. The Bee was in a play, and after it was over, she got that haircut that she’d dodged in March.


May started with some of the unanswerable questions that all parents have (hmm, I may need to do an update post of this one soon). We had some more bullying this month, too. And the end of the month found me wishing that the end of school would come even quicker.


I discovered the beauty of being a boring parent, and bemoaned the tiresomeness of boring graduation speeches. Also? I’m not getting any better at keeping my friends close.


Around the middle of the year, we started having one transition after another. We went on vacation, and oh, how I’m missing those hot days now! Right after we came back, landisdad & I both turned 40, and celebrated by canceling our cable.


Continuing with our year of transitions, the Potato turned five, and I worried how he would ever sit still in kindergarten. Shortly after that, we said goodbye to daycare, forever.


My kids started attending the same school for the first time since the Bee was in daycare. And after the start of the school year, my blog (and the rest of my life) pretty much devolved into all politics, all the time. Plus, the  change kept coming, as the Bee turned 9.


I publicly wondered, for the first time, about whether the blog was over. Plus? More politics, even at school and landisdad & I celebrated our tenth anniversary. This was also the month that the McCain campaign added me to their mommyblogger listserv, but I spared you all that pain.


Well, the transitions kept coming, as we all know, and I presented President Obama with a bill for my services. Then I reflected on the fact that the Bee is in a boy-dominated class this year.


For some reason, {cough} no linking {/cough}, December saw the fewest blog posts of any month of the year. I wondered about the Bee’s expanded vocabulary, though.


So far, this year is starting off with much more of a focus on the traditional mom-blog topics, than the political. But it’s early.


January 31, 2009. meta.


  1. She Started It replied:

    Love it. Happy Blogiversary! Glad you stuck around.

  2. Phantom Scribbler replied:

    Oh, how funny. I recently found out about my brother’s engagement via FB status update, and thought that was sort of mind-boggling. Though, now that I’ve found out how much I’m supposed to spend on various wedding-party expenses, it doesn’t sound like it would have been such a bad deal, finding out about the wedding after the fact…

  3. chichimama replied:

    Happy Blogiversary!!!

  4. MommyWithAttitude replied:

    The John McCain listserve — that is hilarious!!!! Happy Blogiversary!

  5. elise replied:

    I noticed that you weren’t as into blogging anymore but I hope you continue because I only have about half a dozen blogs I read regularly and yours is definitely one of them!

  6. Library Lady replied:

    Mazel Tov! I’m very very glad you’ve stayed.

  7. Jennifer (ponderosa) replied:

    Happy anniversary! Like the new digs.

  8. MetroDad replied:

    Is it blogiversary or blogaversary? I get so confused. Regardless, LM, it’s always been a pleasure reading your insightful takes on everything from parenthood to politics. Here’s to another wonderful year of your writing! Glad you’re sticking to it!

  9. Jackie replied:

    Happy blogiversary! I like the new look, and I’m happy you’re still here too :).

  10. Comfort Addict replied:

    Happy Anniversary and New Year, LM. Here’s to hoping we can both stay around. I’ll try to visit more often.

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