some advice from the Bee to the Butterfly

My brother and his wife had their second child this week, a girl. We didn’t get a chance to go over to meet her until today, and the Bee is a little sick, so we had to go in shifts. The Potato and I went first, and he and his older cousin, the Butterfly, basically tore around the house while I held the new baby (need to think of a nickname for that one, quick) who was sleeping.

The Butterfly is very excited about her new status as a big sister, and their house is full of little signs that she made to welcome her home, including things like, “Welcome Home, Yard Sale!” You see, my 5 year-old niece knew the baby’s name for the past three months, but it was a family secret–it was only she and her parents who knew–and apparently the name they were using to refer to the baby with her maternal grandparents (who take care of her after school) was “Yard Sale.”

I’m thinking of referring my niece to the CIA for future recruitment. I figure any five-year-old who can keep a secret like that for three months will have no trouble keeping state secrets.

We brought the Butterfly back to our house for lunch and a short play-date, and during lunch, I asked the Bee to talk about the best thing about being a big sister. Sadly, the Bee’s response was, “there isn’t anything good about being a big sister. It’s all bad. You’re just lucky it’s a girl, not a boy, because boys are disgusting!”

I’m pretty sure that I would have said the same thing about my brothers, when I was 9. Happily, I no longer feel the same way, and I told the Butterfly that–after all, her dad is my little brother!


March 15, 2009. family life. 3 comments.