overheard at the bus stop

Every once in a while, I overhear another parent saying goodbye to their child, as I drop mine off.

Yesterday, I heard someone say a thing that I have literally never, ever considered saying to my children:

“Don’t give in to Satan.”

I’m thinking it might be new parenting theory that I should adopt.


March 31, 2009. random other things.


  1. Andy replied:

    I couldn’t bring myself to hit submit on the first comment that popped into my mind, but wow, just wow.

  2. Jody replied:

    Ha Ha HA!

    And you thought the schools were getting worse because of funding issues and standardized tests.

  3. Library Lady replied:

    In 10 years that’s going to be the wildest teen on the block!

    But then, I often refer to my 2 darlings as the “hellspawn” 😀

  4. alala replied:

    Yeah, I call mine the Demon Spawn, though in a very loving way, of course.

    I’ve never thought to say that either. My kids’ school isn’t very good, but I really don’t think Satan hangs out there. Well of course not, if he’s at your kids’ school.

  5. Velma replied:

    Way to put pressure on the kid, huh? Yikes!

  6. Kate replied:

    This post gave me such a belly laugh – tears sreaming out of my eyes. The comments were great too. Sadly, I have heard that before. When I was at crazy church and my poor little kids went to their private school. Oh, God – I hope I didn’t say it myself! We did escape though: )

  7. Comfort Addict replied:

    I’d have a Devil of a time saying that to anyone.

  8. sweatpantsmom replied:

    That reminds me of the line Jamie Lee Curtis says to Lindsay Lohan whenever she drops her off at school in Freaky Friday: “Make good choices!”

    I tried that, but only got eye-rolling back. I’ll have to try the Satan line.

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