action, action, we want action!

Sometimes, I wonder what my kids make of my strange job. Other kids go to work with their parents and get to sit in an office, playing with markers instead of holding signs or passing out leaflets. Their friends’ parents aren’t quite so activist-y as landisdad and I are.

Last weekend the kids came into our room, demanding tickles on a Sunday morning. I was worn out, and said, in my best sleepy voice, “noooooo, Mommy’s too tired for tickling.”

They went away, and came back a few minutes later (after much giggling in the Bee’s room) with little signs that read, “Ticklebugs Now!” and “We Want Ticklebugs!”

Then the chanting started, “We want ticklebugs, ticklebugs now!” It was rhythmic, even.

I had to wipe away a tear, I was so proud. Their very first demonstration.


April 18, 2009. family life. 7 comments.