action, action, we want action!

Sometimes, I wonder what my kids make of my strange job. Other kids go to work with their parents and get to sit in an office, playing with markers instead of holding signs or passing out leaflets. Their friends’ parents aren’t quite so activist-y as landisdad and I are.

Last weekend the kids came into our room, demanding tickles on a Sunday morning. I was worn out, and said, in my best sleepy voice, “noooooo, Mommy’s too tired for tickling.”

They went away, and came back a few minutes later (after much giggling in the Bee’s room) with little signs that read, “Ticklebugs Now!” and “We Want Ticklebugs!”

Then the chanting started, “We want ticklebugs, ticklebugs now!” It was rhythmic, even.

I had to wipe away a tear, I was so proud. Their very first demonstration.

April 18, 2009. family life.


  1. Andy replied:

    That is awesome! I love that they made signs and chants!

    My daughter still thinks I know Obama since I worked on his campaign and all. Every now and then when I’m heading off to work she asks me if I’m going to see Obama today. I wish!

  2. chichimama replied:

    My kids hold “meetings” to decide their “next steps.” Complete with minutes and Roberts Rules :-). I think it is great that yours are rallying for their tickle rights!!!

  3. alala replied:

    Hee. My kids picketed me for computer games awhile back – they taped their handwritten signs to toothpicks. So cute.

  4. Jeff replied:

    that’s awesome!

  5. bj replied:

    Ahh, adorable. And, a perfect example of how much joy our kids can give us.

    I’m not an activist, but my daughter staged a demonstration two years ago. Her brother got a birthday gift (an electric car) and she thought she should get to share it. So, she drew icons of the car, with just one kid inside, surrounded with a circle, with a line through it. Next to it there was a picture with 2 kids, no bar. Over the sign, it said “so unfair”. Then, she taped it on her back, and marched around the entry way. The over the top part was going to her desk, and seeing several versions of “unfair” written out (she’d been practicing the spelling.

    And, as I said, we’re not activists — we’ve never taken her to a demonstration. So, she must have learned from school (and from the general ether from activist like you).

    I can imagine what a proud mama you were.

  6. landismom replied:

    Thanks for sharing these stories, everyone! I think it’s great that kids are demonstrating (let’s just say, chanting beats screaming any day of the week, IMO).

  7. the five-year mark « Bumblebee Sweet Potato replied:

    […] Bee took home her first spelling bee trophy. The kids staged their first demonstration. And I worried about how to push the Bee out of the nest, a tiny little […]

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