dear everything

I’d like a minute to catch my breath. Can we work that out?

There are moments in my life that I’ve thought, ‘gotta step away from the computer and get some real life going again.’

Lately, I’ve been wishing for less real life, and more virtual life. More time to spend noodling around on the internet, anyway, as opposed to just reading my work email.

More time to spend blogging, and reading other people’s blogs. I can’t remember the last time I discovered a new blog (well, at least a new blog that wasn’t work-related–I’ve had lots of new work-related blogs to read this year!). I’m starting to feel like I need to investigate the world of middle-school blogging, since the Bee is going into 5th grade next year.

Seriously, though, I’m taking some steps at work to slow my life down a little bit, and I can’t wait until that starts working. Because it’s affecting my ability to be a good wife and mother, and I don’t like that.

We work to live, not live to work. Hard to remember sometimes, but worth it.

May 5, 2009. thoughtful parenting, work. 2 comments.