dear everything

I’d like a minute to catch my breath. Can we work that out?

There are moments in my life that I’ve thought, ‘gotta step away from the computer and get some real life going again.’

Lately, I’ve been wishing for less real life, and more virtual life. More time to spend noodling around on the internet, anyway, as opposed to just reading my work email.

More time to spend blogging, and reading other people’s blogs. I can’t remember the last time I discovered a new blog (well, at least a new blog that wasn’t work-related–I’ve had lots of new work-related blogs to read this year!). I’m starting to feel like I need to investigate the world of middle-school blogging, since the Bee is going into 5th grade next year.

Seriously, though, I’m taking some steps at work to slow my life down a little bit, and I can’t wait until that starts working. Because it’s affecting my ability to be a good wife and mother, and I don’t like that.

We work to live, not live to work. Hard to remember sometimes, but worth it.

May 5, 2009. thoughtful parenting, work.


  1. Andy replied:

    I very much feel like I live to work. I hope it gets better for you. I vow to take some serious time off when my current campaign is over.

  2. elise replied:

    As you know from my last blog post that I am struggling with raising my kids not to be workaholics. Its hard because you want them to have a good work ethic but also to know when enough is enough. Also, its hard because the schools seem to want them to push themselves beyond their limits. Its possible that I am the only person in the world who admires a great person such as an olympic athlete and at the same time pities them. Their life must be consumed by their talent.

    I have two that are through middleschool and Sarah just in sixth grade. I wish that I could say you could find comfort at my blog but my posts are just too far apart! You can email me anytime if you’re looking for support or just another view. At our school one of the big shocks for my kids was that the kids suddenly spew out the F word like its nothing and every conversation has giggling about “you know what”… Sixth graders can find ways to french kiss in the hallways! None of it really bothers me because I am not worried about my kids. I’m happy that Sarah (6th) can ask me anything. “Mom, how does a condom work?”. “Mom, how do gay men have sex?”. Both answers were followed by “I thought so”.

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