ten things I love about my daughter

1. Despite the fact that it sometimes hits me personally, I love the fact that she is one. tough. girl.

2. Her enormous vocabulary

3. And wonderful sense of humor

4. Her agility, both in running and in thinking

5. The lovely, high arch of her foot

6. Like me, she’s an inveterate reader, and will spend many hours alone in her room, devouring a good book

7. Her lively interest in what makes the world go ’round

8. How she has finally learned to ask for what she needs, at least sometimes

9. The fact that she’s just as likely to pick up a sword as she is to pick up a stuffed animal to play with

10. Her ability to walk in some of my highest heels, even if it’s just around the house (and OMG, she’s too close to fitting into them for realz!)

May 29, 2009. the cutest kids ever!. 8 comments.