a crime against boy-dom

Yesterday, I unwittingly committed a crime against boy-dom. I threw out the Potato’s gummy bugs.

Let me back up.

In kindergarten, the kids get a sticker every day that they are ‘good.’ The stickers are redeemable for prizes from the teacher’s prize basket.

I’m not sure exactly how many stickers it takes to get a prize, but it took the Potato a good long while to earn them. And when he did earn them, he picked a tub of gummy beetles. It was a momentary thrill, two months ago when he brought it home and ate 2 or 3 of them.

And since then, it’s sat in our kitchen. And sat. And sat.

So last weekend, I threw it out.

Tonight, for dessert, what did he want?

Gummy beetles, of course.

I told him that I had thrown them out, and he was so verklempt, he threw himself on the floor, in one of those tantrums where you’re trying as hard as you can not to laugh at the kid, because it’s so overwrought.

He sobbed, “it’s not fair!” and “my bugs!” But it wasn’t until he said, “but it took me so long to earn them!” that my heart broke a little.

There may be nothing more sincere on earth than a truly wronged child.

So, what do you think the Potato wanted in recompense? Check out the poll on the side of the page, and vote. And if you want to have your stomach turned, see here.


June 9, 2009. thoughtful parenting.


  1. Jennifer replied:


    My sister-in-law bought my daughter a gummy lizard like that spider — same brand, I think. It was kind of cute, actually, but I was SO MAD at that gift, because it’s like 100 lbs of corn syrup. The spider looks to be a more reasonable size.

  2. Library Lady replied:

    This sounds alarmingly like my spouse, who actually can get a chocolate bar and not eat it–sicko!

    I once ate one of these bars and he told me, “I was going to have that tonight!”

    As a result, there are several KitKat bars that used to be in our fridge and are now in our freezer. They may have even been in our LAST house,14 years ago. And they may be there still when the girls are off to college

  3. the five-year mark « Bumblebee Sweet Potato replied:

    […] came, and with it, a use for my blog that I never would have anticipated when I started it. I also violated my son’s rights in a most egregious […]

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