thank you, electronic memory

It’s a good thing I didn’t quit blogging this year. Because if I had quit blogging, when the Bee had asked me to help her write about her year in fourth grade, I would have actually had to remember something with my brain. Instead of just coming here and looking at the highlights.

True story.


June 11, 2009. memory.


  1. Library Lady replied:

    Funny,we both have 4th graders who’ve been helped in an assignment by our blogs this week! JR’s was a time line of her life.

    And people think blogs are just for venting!
    Nope, they are our diaries, there for the accessing.

    Though the venting’s pretty valuable too 😀

  2. Mere replied:

    I refer to my blog all the time. Definitely comes in handy. LOL!

  3. the five-year mark « Bumblebee Sweet Potato replied:

    […] support their democracy movement was receiving. The end of the school year came, and with it, a use for my blog that I never would have anticipated when I started it. I also violated my son’s rights in a […]

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