RIP Neda

I‘m not going to post a link to your tragic death mask, because, well, this is a family blog.

But I am going to say thank you for your sacrifice.

And I’m sorry.

I tweeted earlier today that the images of your death reminded me of part of the Bertolt Brecht poem, “When Evil-Doing Comes Like Falling Rain,” and now I’m really hoping that no more Iranians will have to be butchered in the street, or die in their father’s arms, for the world community to rise up and demand an end to this violence.


June 20, 2009. politically motivated.


  1. Sheida replied:

    I’m Iranian ….
    god bless her ..
    we all cried watching her last seconds of life..
    she’s brave, and we’ll never forget her …

  2. the five-year mark « Bumblebee Sweet Potato replied:

    […] In June, I spent a solid week wearing green in solidarity with the Iranians who were protesting the theft of their election, and marveling at the online support their […]

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