beach trip

We just got back from a couple of days at the beach. Unfortunately, it rained all day today, so we ended up playing miniature golf and visiting a local museum, instead of surfing. On the other hand, we got to leave a little early, and mostly miss the end-of-vacation traffic.


Here are the kids, engrossed in their own pursuits (the Potato playing his DS, the Bee reading a book). I realized that I haven’t posted any pictures of the kids in a while, and I’d better do it before the Bee figures out how to use Photoshop or something.

We stayed in a motel just a couple of blocks from the ocean, and it was nice to be able to walk lots of places during the day.

Our first night there, I shared a bed with the Potato, which is always an adventure. During the course of a normal day, the Potato is a very active boy. In sleep, he spends the first couple of hours knocked out cold, then starts moving all over the bed, like a maniac. At home, I often find him spun around in bed with his head against the wall and his feet hanging over the side, or sleeping with his head where his feet are supposed to be, with the pillow knocked on the floor. When sleeping with a parent, he seems to take revenge for all the petty slights & denials he suffered that day. I woke up at least once with him rapping me on the back of the head with his elbow, as if to say, “see Mommy, you really should have given me that second ice cream cone!”

Both of our kids love the ocean, and they spent the entire first day there digging holes in the sand and jumping in the waves. The Bee, unfortunately, developed quite a sunburn, and from then on, felt quite sorry for herself and covered herself in lotion at every opportunity.


August 28, 2009. family life.


  1. Comfort Addict replied:

    My gosh but your kids have grown. Thanks for posting the pic.

  2. Library Lady replied:

    Wow, Bee’s legs have gotten LONG. And the Potato looks so “grown-up”!

    Your first day at the beach sounds like ours–only it was SC with the sunburn. And now the sun has become fickle and the winds have gotten so bad that none of us are in the water. Good shelling though.

    For years the girls have shared a sofa bed at the cottage we rent and we’ve always had bedtime woes–JR wants to snuggle, SC doesn’t. (!) So we bought a single AeroBed and SC is sleeping on that and JR is in the sofa bed by herself. She’s not happy about it, but her sister loves it, and they’re going to bed a lot more easily.

    Now if I could just do something about the hard as a rock bed in the bedroom and the Man’s either rolling over and trying to take the whole bed, or twitching and snoring half the night. Ah, vacation!

  3. the five-year mark « Bumblebee Sweet Potato replied:

    […] a jam-packed month, with the tea parties, and various vacation-related events. The kids started school before Labor Day, for the first time […]

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