kid theft

The Bee has a nemesis. They’ve been in the same class since kindergarten–the blessing and curse of a small school being that you can never get away from your enemy.

Landisdad and I had a long talk this evening during dinner with the Bee about the fact that her nemesis has stolen stuff from her recently. Not big stuff–things like a pen, a highlighter, her calculator. The Bee, to her credit, has not freaked out about it, though she is upset.

She saw the girl using her highlighter yesterday, and confronted her about it. The girl denied that it belonged to the Bee, but the assistant teacher was in the room, and backed her up. I think she’s given up hope of getting the pen back, but she really wants the calculator, although she didn’t have any proof that the girl had taken that.

Until today, when she saw it in the girl’s desk.

We asked her if she wanted to tell the teacher about it, and she said no. She doesn’t want to rat out her classmate, so we talked about some strategies for confronting the girl directly, and not getting upset if she lied again. We told her that she should ask her for the calculator back in front of other kids, since it would be good to have witnesses, if the situation got heated. And landisdad role-played with her what she should do if the other girl started yelling at her.

I’m more and more irritated by this girl every year, and can’t wait until she and the Bee are in middle school, and can keep their distance from each other more easily. I’m sure that there will be other girls, in other futures, with other problems, but this one can get gone, as far as I’m concerned.


October 28, 2009. parenting ain't easy. 7 comments.

rainy weekend

We’re having a pretty laid-back weekend here at chez landis. The various soccer games were rained out yesterday, so we sat around, bundled up, watching TV yesterday morning, then took a field trip into the nearby natural history museum in the afternoon. Today, landisdad went out for bagels in the morning, and we’re just kind of lazing around, doing some chores.

The unseasonable cold is forcing us to cocoon a little bit, and it’s nice. This has been a very active fall, and it’s nice to have a slow, easy weekend.

October 18, 2009. family life. 1 comment.

a note to my friends on the campaign side of the world

As regular readers of this blog know, I have a job that involves working in electoral politics from time to time. Here’s a tip for those folks who are not parents, and choose to work in politics:

If you are a political campaign manager, and you are trying to get my attention and/or support for your candidate, do not send me an email telling me that you live across the street from my kids’ school. It creeps me out, and makes me MUCH less likely to support your candidate. Also, it makes me worry that my daughter might not come home from her safety post someday.

I’m just sayin’.

October 13, 2009. politically motivated. 4 comments.

scenes from a successful slumber party


Girls crashed on the couch, after “not sleeping at all!”


We got the sit & spin out of the basement for a two-year-old who attended—she had no interested in it, but the Potato (seen here dressed as the Boy in Black) found hours of entertainment in whirling it around.

October 4, 2009. the cutest kids ever!. 3 comments.