crafty kids

Over the past couple of years, I’ve tried to get my kids interested in sewing, with little success. The Potato saw me getting ready to make some Christmas gifts the other day, and they both decided that they wanted to give sewing another shot–they’ve been valiantly hand sewing various items ever since. I got this book a while ago, and they both decided they wanted to make things out of it.

The Bee is making herself a purse–it’s a very small purse, but it has two pockets, and a butterfly decoration that she drew, cut out and sewed on herself. The Potato is making a book cover, with a “Bad Guy” applique.

They both had half-days at school today, and since I had to work at home in order to get our sink fixed, they came home right after school. I cruelly oppressed them by refusing to allow them to watch TV for the whole afternoon, so they decided to work on their sewing projects, after they got their homework done.

It’s really pretty cute to watch them sew, and to hear the Potato say “ow!” every thirty seconds when he pokes himself with a needle. His stitches can tend toward the way-too-far-apart, but overall I think they’re both doing a great job. Landisdad picked up the Bee’s purse last night and said, “honestly, I don’t think I could sew any better than that,” and it’s true that she’s made much more progress in the hand-eye coordination department than ever before.

I’ll post some pictures when they’re done, assuming we get there. I have to say, I’m a little astonished that they’ve maintained interest for three days, even after it got difficult.



November 16, 2009. family life. 2 comments.