gimme the note

Over the next two weeks, I’m going to be gone from home a lot—which is especially hard, since all the holiday-related school things are going on. For example, I’m going to miss the Bee’s winter concert this week, as I will be giving a speech on health care reform that I committed to months ago, before the concert was scheduled. Fortunately, my mom is still here so she’ll be able to come in my stead.

Back when I first started my current job, I used to write my kids a note every time I went on the road. As time has gone on, I’ve let that habit slide (even as I’ve traveled more).

Over the weekend, the Potato asked me to start writing notes again, for the time when I’ll be away. When he got home from school he gave me a note that he had written for me at after-school. It included a picture of me reading the note. Here’s the text:


From (the Potato)

Open this way —————–>

Have a good and great trip!

Sinse your going on a big trip this is the #1 note I am writing. You shud read this note evry morning because this is the best one so far. Sind (signed) 11/30/09


Needless to say, it warmed my heart. Plus, I couldn’t believe he spelled ‘because’ right.


December 1, 2009. family life. 4 comments.