20 minutes per week

…is about the limit on my blogging time for the month of December. It’s no wonder that I’ve become so much more active as a micro-blogger—I seriously can’t remember the last time I had an hour that contained the two elements most crucial to blogging (at least for me)—time to myself and the energy to think up something to blog about.

Needless to say, I won’t be spinning off any profundities here today.

My focus is so scattered these days, it’s a miracle that I remember how to get dressed in the morning. I fear that I’ve become one of those people who can’t keep her own schedule in her head–which is why I wake up every morning thanking my lucky stars for various Apple products, including iCal, Contacts & my iPhone–without those three things (and the various accounts that go with them), it would get ugly in a hurry around here.

Maybe I need to start scheduling time too blog?

Mostly, the pressure that I’m feeling is around Christmas/Hannukah and work. The endless requests by the kids to add “just one more thing” to their Christmas lists is feeling more and more hellish, largely because I’ve mostly finished shopping for them, and having them add more stuff is just pointless—but on the other hand, if they know that the presents are in the house already, they won’t rest until they’ve rooted them all out.

And why, oh why, couldn’t the damn Senate have done health care reform over the summer like they were supposed to? Couldn’t they predict that the decision to leave the debate till the last minutes of 2009 would cause agony for mom political organizers everywhere? or is that why they did it?

December 6, 2009. family life. Leave a comment.