things to make you go awwwww

On our walk to school this morning, the Potato found a pebble. He put it in his pocket, to add to his rock collection.

Just now, he asked me if he could wrap it in wrapping paper so he can give it to Mr. Bear for Christmas. Then, he had to figure out where to hide it in his room, so Mr. Bear can’t find it while he’s at school. My heart grew about three sizes.

Has there ever been a cuter boy?


December 16, 2009. the cutest kids ever!.


  1. Jennifer replied:


  2. the five-year mark « Bumblebee Sweet Potato replied:

    […] The Potato wrote me his first-ever “mom’s going on the road” note, and got a Christmas present for his stuffed animal. The Bee came up with an idea for a new reality show (not, thank god, Jersey […]

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